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Forest Closure – What do we do now? Change the game plan!

See what is happening regarding our horseback riding.

PLEASE NOTE:  USFS Coconino National Forest has implemented a Full Closure of the forest and trail system starting Wednesday, June 23, 2021.  This closes our forest rides down.  We do not have a date when this restriction will be lifted. 

However, we do have access to Privately Owned Grassland that we will provided limited rides on.  These rides are listed as 60 min and 30 min Fire Closure Grassland Rides.  My apologies for any inconvenience this causes as it’s beyond our control.  We are trying to make the best option available for our guest.

Once the restriction is lifted we will return to our regular riding schedule.  We hope that everyone stays safe, that our firefighters can contain the fires quickly, and we have lots of rain to help with the dry conditions in our forest.