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Our Waiver

Our Waiver Policy

Please note when you receive your confirmation it will have a “SIGN MINOR WAIVER” that must be completed by the parent or legal court appointed guardian for any minor (less than 18 years old).  Please ensure to use the link directly from the confirmation page as this will validate against the booking.  Please do not copy and paste the link into an email as it will not attach to the booking.  You can forward the whole confirmation email to the parent to complete the waiver so it will attach properly.  

Signing Adult Relationship to Minor – You will need to be prepared to show documentation of guardianship.  You must have that documentation with you either in paper or document copy on your phone.  We DO NOT accept Temporary Guardian Notarized paper or Travel / Summer Care document that is not court filed.  This is to protect the minor as horseback riding is an inherently dangerous activity that involves risks that may cause serious injury and in some cases death, because of the unpredictable nature and irrational behavior of equine, regardless of their training and past performance, that they have taken control of, when around, and on the animal.

You may also <>, which will be 2 pages for minors, by clicking HERE or  “SIGN OUR WAIVER” or by clicking the DOWNLOAD WAIVER just below.

Delays caused by not having waivers completed can result in cancellation of your ride as we cannot hold up rides for riders that are not prepared.  We will do what we can, once the waiver is received, to reschedule the ride however all monies paid will not be refunded if you cannot obtain completed waiver.  

Please be considerate of others and prepare for the ride.  There is no exceptions regarding our waiver policy. Every rider must have a completed waiver in order to ride.

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