All Our Rides - High Mountain Trail Rides
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All Our Rides

*Pony Rides; For young equestrians (2 years – 5 years) $20.00 per child. Ride that goes 5 to 10 minutes on the horse and plenty of time for photos.

*Ponderosa Ride; 30 minute. $39.00 per person. A ride for very young and beginner riders. it is a fairly flat grounded, gentle ride. As you still make your way through the Ponderosa pines and the beautiful forest.

*Tomblers Trail; 1 hour. $49.00 per person. Our most popular ride, which is suitable for beginners, kids, and anyone who wants to go for a horseback ride but doesn’t want to be to sore afterwords. A ride that goes through the Ponderosa pine filled forest with a little more challenge while still being able to relax and enjoy the ride.

*Navajo Springs Trail; 1 1/2 hour. $69.00 per person. A very scenic and historical ride. Get a chance to see the Aspen protection and learn about the Navajo springs.

*Lake View Trail; 2 hour. $89.00 per person. Our longest ride, this trail will give you the opportunity to see parts of all of our other trails and a view of Mormon Lake.

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