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It’s Not Just A Trail Ride, It’s A Getaway!

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Folks, there is no need to drive up here just for a trail ride, because after or before there is so much more to do. Next door to us we have the Pizzeria which is open Thursday through Sunday, across the street there is Mormon Lake Lodge where there are cabins you can stay in, a restaurant, a bar, and a country store. Behind the lodge there are buffalo to look at, a little petting zoo with sheep and a pig, plus next to the petting zoo we have a cow you can see and pet if he comes to you. You can stay the night and go camping, and if you don’t want to stay in the campground, there are plenty of woods to go find yourself comfortable in.

Here at High Mountain Trail Rides we would love to take you on a trail ride to show you the beauty of the mountains, but we would also like to give you places to go such as dirt roads to drive, lakes to go to, etc. So come on up to Mormon Lake, join us for a trail ride and ask our wranglers about places to go around here!

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